Should I Hire A Male Or A Female Family Lawyer?

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Family law cases are often very personal, highly emotional, and frequently end up in stressful legal battles. With this, clients would want the best lawyer on their side. Furthermore, they turn to several unproven beliefs in the field of law just to get the upper hand. One of these beliefs is that the gender of the lawyer who defends you will make a difference in court.

A lot of men have this idea that if they can show the court that a female attorney is on their side – that if a female is defending them, they might make their case stronger and that their position could be softened with a woman’s voice. On the other hand, women might think that male family lawyers will do a better job at standing up to their ex-spouse, giving a more aggressive argument in court and, providing the power that she thinks she lacks. But will these really help turn the court’s favour on your side?

The answer to this question is that there is no personality or gender type that the law favours. What matters in court is that mandurah family lawyers are professional, proficient and prepared. What counts is how your lawyer can impress the judge by the preparedness of the case and how well the issues are being argued.

What you should pay attention to in making your decision is how well you can interact with your lawyer. Are you more comfortable talking to a male lawyer or will you be more open towards a female lawyer? For sexual abuse and assault cases, it is most common to hire a lawyer of the same gender since it can be the only way for the client to discuss the sensitive details comfortably.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, you should show honesty and keep away from being shy to your lawyer about the details of your case. This is imperative if you want your lawyer to help you build a thorough and well-devised strategy for the case’s litigation. Your decision should not depend on the lawyer’s gender. Instead, hire one for his or her competence and expertise.

In the end, this belief is just a myth. There is no real reason to pick a lawyer based on his or her gender, beyond your own personal level of comfort. It will never be known whether the judge prefers male attorneys or female attorneys, but it is sure that he or she will prefer competent lawyers who go out in court and represent their clients the best way they can.