Ancient Viking Stories And Fables

The Vikings have been interesting characters in society, especially in modern eras as their ways of life are depicted as aggressive and violent. They were especially noted for rape and plunder without mercy in every of their raids. There are distinct folklores of Viking stories and fables which fascinate every hearer without a personal encounter with this clan.

Strong Affluence on the Sea and Salt

The Vikings were renowned for their excellent seafaring skills which took them to uncharted lands for conquest. Hence, the sea and nature were known to be an important life sustaining elements in their community living.
The Viking fable concerning the salt and sea is related to the trading of bacon for quern between the Viking and the Devil. When the Viking deliberated the deal with haste and greed, the sea becomes salted. This reflects the dark side of humanity that could emerge and cause havoc on peace and respect in its community.

Awaiting Thor and Frigg their gods

Thursday nights are upheld by Vikings to be holy and reverent in anticipation of Thor; one of the Viking gods worshipped by this clan. Vikings homes would be cleaned up for the arrival of Thor with family members remaining in great reverence as the Vikings expect Thor to enter the home to bless it.
Thor was also known as gopher, which means the Good Father. The presence of Thor in their homes was significant for prosperity and well-being in all their endeavours. Nevertheless, the cleaned home was also in preparation of other gods such as Frigg who was due to deliver her offspring. It would be the highest honour for her to birth her offspring on the home floor as the offspring is a god in their own rights.

Thor and His Hammer

Viking fables include numerous stories of Thor and his hammer where great adventures have been casted. It is a common legend that Thor was the rightful owner and user of the great and powerful hammer which would always return to him only when thrown by Thor. It was speculated that parts of Thors hammer were recovered in the woods and farmland, but scientific investigation revealed only actually stone-age arrow fragments used in ancient wars.
Thors hammer pieces were taken to be charms against all forms of evil and sicknesses; even trolls which were believed to create havoc to humans. Hence, many Viking homes hung these pieces above the door as divine protection from their highly revered god, Thor.
Thor was one of the most popular of Viking deities as he was a magnanimous character that offered strength and protection to those who revered and worshipped him. The worship of Thor does not involve human sacrifice which worshippers were happy to oblige.
Thor was revered and worshipped for his blessing over fruitful crops and fertility. His hammer was named Mjollnir which was worn at the belt, Megingjard. Thors hammer was thrown into the sky to generate high lightning voltages to symbolize the dynamic power of Thor to command the elements of nature.

Magnificent Valhalla Glory

Viking warriors were always known to be fearless and fearsome as they were trained from young for battles. Hence, Vikings become ferocious fighters with exciting folklore echoing their beliefs and values in shaping their destiny.
When the Vikings excelled in battle, there would be promised rewards of eternal honour and glory in the hall of Valhalla. This was known as the Hall of Slain Heroes whose roof comprised shields with 540 doors where each door was wide enough for 800 heroes to march in side by side for a victory celebration.
The Valhalla glory belongs to wounded Vikings who fought brilliantly and fearlessly in battle to be selected by Odin, their god as honoured for Valhalla instead of Hel. The Valhalla glory legend echoes the virtual martyr status for those who fought valiantly in battles to upkeep the honour of their clan.


There are plenty of ancient Viking stories and fables which have had emerged over the decades as the Viking clan slips into obscurity in the midst of modernism and technology. However, many descendants still attempt to keep these fables alive through word of mouth to their younger generations who may appreciate the grandeur of the Vikings in days past.

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