7 Conversation Starters You Need To Know When Dating Women Online

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If youre into online dating and you want to increase your chances of success, you might need to consider taking your conversation game to the next level. In online dating, it isnt enough to have great photos and a well-written profile. Knowing how to start conversations the best way possible is a huge plus because this is the starting point of communication between two single adults . If you have always struggled in this area, dont worry, weve got you covered! Read on to find the best conversation starters in online dating.

Ask about a shared interest

If you want a working conversation opener, its time to forget about the usual greeting: Hi, or Hey, how is it going? One of the best messages to send is anything that pertains to a common interest. So before even sending a woman a message on a dating website, it is best to scan her profile first and see if you have a shared interest. Do you both love movies? Are you both into books and literature? Maybe you can swap your favorites. Talking about mutual interests is an excellent way to open the gates to a deeper talk.

Get personal

Most people love talking about themselves. It is part of human nature. So if you want to get to know a woman better, ask her some questions that will get her to share more about herself. Some questions you can ask include What do you love doing on the weekends? or I see that youre into traveling. Whats the best place you have visited so far?

Share a joke or a funny story

Funny stories and jokes can also help start the conversation. However, its important to be careful with how you squeeze in your jokes. Make sure they are not offensive and inappropriate. Also, make sure to wisely time your jokes . Funny messages, when done right, can increase your chances of getting responses because women find guys with a sense of humor attractive. So, loosen up. Show a bit of your funny side.

Give her a compliment

Women love to receive praises and compliments. So when you think it is appropriate to compliment, go ahead and do so. There is nothing wrong with noticing how she looked good on her dating profile photos or that you like the fact she is an outgoing and adventurous person. Complimenting a person is a good way to break the ice and make a woman feel appreciated. Just be careful not to overdo it and make sure it sounds sincere and genuine.

Be engaged in the conversation

Just like in a face to face conversation, paying attention to the person youre talking to is important. With internet dating, be sure to read messages carefully so that can you can respond appropriately. Learn how to take cues and observe where the conversation is going. The good thing about online dating is that you can always scroll back through the messages if you need to recall details.

Turn your answers into questions

To keep the conversation flowing naturally, another strategy you can use is to turn your answers into questions. For example, the woman youre chatting with asks you about the last movie you saw. After telling her something about it, you can throw her the same question and ask How about you?

Talk about yourself, too

Online dating is a place where people get the opportunity to know other people before meeting them in person. So dont be afraid to share something about yourself, too. Talk about your passions, dreams, and aspirations. Talking about something positive like the things you love will actually make you seem more interesting. Just make sure to be honest and be careful not to sound conceited and narcissistic.

Starting a conversation online can be challenging at first. But these best practices can be useful, and they can help you finally get the response youve been waiting for!